Wherein I may be a sucker for a good epiphany

Here is my latest working idea about this chapter five hang-up I’ve got going on: The problem is that–as loveable as I may be–I am an idiot.

At least I’m pretty sure that’s the problem.

I’ve been struggling with this piece of the puzzle for over a week. That alone should have given me a clue, right? I mean, how many times have you struggled with the same problem over and over and then realized you were really working on the wrong thing — dealing with the symptom rather than the cause, as it were, falling for the illusionist’s slight-of-hand, clinging to my own preconceived notions. Whatever. To steal an Indiana Jones quote, I think I’m committing the storyline equivalent to digging in the wrong place.

It happens, right?

Well, this morning I had the Great Revelation.

I think. [grin]

Either that or this piece of work is morbidly sadistic. Me, I’m going with Great Revelation.

But, then, you already know I am an idiot, and as an idiot I’m probably more susceptible to a good epiphany than the average bear. Perhaps tomorrow will find me back at square one, looking for a new magic bean. I can live with it either way, I suppose.

I mean, what other alternative do I have, right?

All can say for sure is that once I found this new frame of mind, words began to flow and the storyline just felt right–not stressed, not pushed, not crammed into a the box that I’ve been feeling crammed into. It’s a good sign.

I think. [grin]

All I can say for certain is that writing time for the day is over, and day job time is kicking in.


Have a great day.

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