Episode Seven: Biting the Dust

Episode Seven, Lord of the Freeborn is officially mine. Finally. Oh, sure, I still have ten pages or so to straighten up. Not a problem. The flow is right. The story is where it needs to be, and the micro writing is at least workable. So, yes, I say unto Episode Seven that you are mine. I’ve got you. Yay, me!

Sometimes the work comes so easy. Or at least relatively so. Sometimes you bring your lunch pail to the work and you show up every day and the words just kind of arrange themselves in ways you like. At those times you begin to feel like you really get this game, and to be honest those times have come along more often than not lately (meaning the last few years). But those times lull you to sleep, too.

Those times gloss over the years of work it took to get to that stage, and they gloss over the fact that if you’re not looking at a story properly it will reach up and bite you with a case of the freezies, that pre-block state that every new writer naturally gets when they realize things aren’t working and you’ve got no way to go to make it so.

I’m further along though.

I know better. Stale moments of stagnation are just a story’s way of telling you to look at things differently. Step back. Find the thing that is cattywampus. Breathe.


Just breathe. [grin]

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