The powers that be play not fair

“Ron?” Lisa’s voice came from upstairs. It was 6:30 AM, and I was on my last dash toward actually finishing this beast of a manuscript I’ve been calling Episode Seven.


She proceeded to let me know that the Gods of Interruption had once again struck, threatening to delay the completion of this story for the ten gazillionth moment–this time using a barrage of cat puke. That’s right. Cat puke. It is my job, you see, to clean up all feline regurgitation that occurs in the household, and Keiko the Wonder Sleeper had chosen this moment to create a new masterpiece.

Seriously? I thought to the powers that be. You’re seriously throwing the old cat puke ploy? Talk about desperation. The world seems to have aligned against me on this episode, finding ways to divert my attention at every stage along the way. And now I was so close I could taste it. As the morning started, I had seven pages to make work, and I actually thought I was there–now it was just a matter of the read-out.

That’s what I thought, anyway.

But I stopped, and went up to clean the cat puke. I paused in the gathering of my disgruntlement for long enough to pet the cat and tell her I hoped she was okay, but let her know I would appreciate if she would refrain from making such offerings until more convenient times. She appeared to agree.

Go with me there–or at least give me that little insanity.

Yet, even this could not sway me this hallowed morning, for upon completion of this cleaning, I marched directly back to the keyboard and put the final touches on the story. It is done. There. I said it. Episode seven, Lord of the Freeborn is done.

And, you know what?

It may well be the best episode of the lot.

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