Clutching stories in the snow

This morning started, like so many December mornings seem to, with a quick running of the snow shovel over the driveway. Hmpf.

In more interesting “news,” I woke up today with something I’ll call a full story stuck in my mind. So, once the driveway was done and the beloved wife deposited at her place of work, I started my “real” day with a burst of free-writing that put the whole thing down into one very, very rough form. But even in that brief process, the story as I remembered it from my waking became considerably deeper. I must admit, though, that there is a good chance that this extra depth is a result of having spent the morning shoveling, because while I was out there on the driveway, I did my best to keep the story in place (hoping desperately that it would not slip away). Who knows what things grew deeper due to my work to clutch at it out there in the snow?

When that was done, I turned my sites to some business things and some other basic administration of life itself.

At least I had my priorities in order, eh?

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