The Strangest Person on the Face of the Planet

I am clearly the Strangest Person on the Face of the Planet. I admit it freely. This is because I appear to be the only person in existence who, as a general rule, does not view the weather as a particularly interesting bit of news. In fact, most of the time, I do not view it as news at all. Yes, I want to know the forecast, but you can give that to me in 30 seconds and I’ll be fine. Sixty seconds, max. In fact, I’m perfectly content if you just put the forecast up on a screen for 15 seconds, split in such a way as to show me what’s coming for the next few days.

I mean, seriously. I live in Indiana. How can it be news that it snowed in January? I don’t understand. I also don’t understand how people, upon hearing that it’s going to snow (in Indiana during January), can get overly amped up. This is news? Clearly, though, I am alone in this thinking. Clearly, I am the Strangest Person on the Face of the Planet.

Again. I agree that I want to hear what’s coming. Once. That’s helpful. And I guess it’s fair to note when a snow sets a record (assuming it actually does set said record). But otherwise it seems to me that it would be best to just acknowledge the fact and move on.

But I am obviously the outlier.

Today I saw a traffic cam–a news broadcaster doing the story from inside a car driving on the roads. Clearly, someone thinks this is interesting. I, however, the self-admitted Strangest Person on the Face of the Planet, find this to be among the silliest things I’ve seen a reporter do. Yes, I know that’s a broad statement. But I suggest this the kind of thing the Strangest Person on the Face of the Planet can get away with.

Anyway. Just thought you needed to know that.

You can go back to the weather report, now. [grin]

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