Poor Lisa

So, Brigid and I are planning to attend a workshop together in late February, which will be pretty danged cool–at least for me. On her side, she’s going to have to put up with being around her dorky dad for a week. My guess is that she’ll run off and hide with some other writers and leave me in the dust. Sigh.

As part of the workshop, we’ve each been required to submit a new short story each week for the past five weeks, with one more to. By short story, it’s meant to be no more than 6K per story (3K minimum). They are always due Sunday night.

I titled this one “Poor Lisa” though, because she is both Brigid and my personal copy editor. This schedule means that every Sunday for the past five weeks (and one more coming up!), she has been hit with somewhere in the range of 10,000-12,000 words to zip through–generally starting sometime in the mid-afternoon or early evening. Nothing like a rush job. Of course, Brigid is, like, this big ol’ Linguistics major, and pretty much writes well-formed prose falling out of bed, so I don’t think hers requires nearly as much work as my engineering-informed prose does.

But, still. 12K words a day is a lot for a day off, eh?

These are a lot of work for us, but I’m thinking she’s looking forward to this thing being over more than we are. [grin]

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  1. So I just missed you last year. I went to the short story workshop (a long weekend) that was right before last years anthology workshop. Some writers stayed for both.

    I look forward to next year! It’s great to get back to Oregon for any of their workshops.

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