Hugo nominations open up

Now that the workshop is over, and I can turn some brain cells in other directions…

Thanks to Lisa’s gentle reminder, I note that the 2013 Hugo nominations are open. So I suppose I should be a good writer and let you know that if you’re a attending member of Worldcon, meaning you attended last year, or are already committed to attending this year, you are eligible to nominate work for the award. Given that, I wanted to take a moment to outline work of mine that I’ve seen published in 2013. No hard sell here, of course. That’s not quite me. But if you liked something here and are so inclined, consider it a reminder. [grin]

Here is the nomination form.

So … here goes.


  • Following Jules – October – Analog

Short Stories:

  • Operation Hercules – May – On Spec
  • Out of the Fire – June – Interstellar Fiction
  • After – June – One Sentence Story Anthology
  • The Legend of Parker Clark and Lois Jane – June – Fiction River Anthology: How to Save the World
  • Teammates – July – Galaxy’s Edge
  • Schrodinger’s Soldier – September – Third Flatiron Anthology: Lost Worlds Retraced
  • The Flying Contraption – December – Elementary, Elemental Masters Anthology

Nine pieces published. Not too bad, I suppose. And with one publication already and five more in the pipeline for 2014, things look good next year, too (hey, ya gotta enjoy it while you can, right?)

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