The Big Bang, Inflation, explained

Okay, it’s an hour long, so I know a lot of folks won’t have the patience for it. But if you want a pretty reasonable understanding of why the recent news about the big bang is … well … such big news, you could do a lot worse than taking the time to listen to this podcast from the 7th Avenue Project.

Things like “The Cosmos” are fantastic for helping people get the big-picture of where science has been and roughly where it is now. But I enjoyed this conversation specifically because it took the time to lay out the history of cosmology hat was relevant to the subject at hand (the inflation model), and then built onto it in a way I think most people, if they pay attention, can actually get. The only time they jump too far from basic language is a foray into field theory.


I thought it was pretty cool, and it helped me while away an hour at the grocery store today.

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