“The Mysterious Case of Shojiro Sano’s Bats” released

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Baseball is upon us. Okay, technically baseball was upon the Aussies a few days ago, but Monday sees the opening of the game here in the US.

I’m pleased to be celebrating baseball’s opening day by announcing that my short story “The Mysterious Case of Shojiro Sano’s Bats” is available now available through Skyfox Publishing, in various electronic formats suitable for the reader, phone, or tablet of your choice! This is a story set in Japan, and features a baseball fan who just may have gone a little too far. Of course, this fan is also an inspector in Japanese law enforcement. If you’re a sports fan, you’ll sympathize with his plight, and if you’re not a sports fan … well … I suspect there’s something in here for you, too.

Baseball is like that, after all.

You can pick up a copy in the format of your desire at:

Kobo (to be added shortly!)
Google Play


This story comes along with a free excerpt from my baseball novel See the PEBA on $25 a Day–which is also available on those sites, but through these links:

Google Play

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