A Few of My Favorite Things

If you’re like most people, you probably have a favorite number. Assuming you do, you probably have a perfectly logical reason for it even if that reason is crazy as all get out. Mine is 13. I think it started because my dad said he liked the number. I’ve always been influenced by him in these matters — heck, I still root for the Washington Redskins because he liked them … and years later I learned he liked them mostly because they used to wear really neat helmets back in the day. So my dad’s interest in the number is what started me down the path to my “13 Love,” but over the years I grew further into it. Thirteen is cool because it’s an independent thinker. It’s also often misunderstood. Others shun it, call it unlucky, but it still stands there and thinks for itself. It’s prime, too, so it’s special that way.

Colors, of course, are a natural thing for us humans to gravitate to. Lisa loves her purple. Me, I’m a red man. Black is cool, too. But it’s really about the red. REd s remarkable, but not flashy. Red is racy, but not flamboyant.

Favorite baseball team: Cubs, naturally. And, no, I didn’t live in Chicago. Love the National League, don’t get the American league.

Favorite tennis shoe color: White. Reason: so obvious I know I don’t need to mention it, except, of course that so few people seem to actually be wearing whit tennis shoes these days. They’re just … well … tennis shoes are white, you know? That’s just cool.

Anyway this is a post about numbers, you know? … ever wonder why everyone seems to have a favorite number? I mean, how is it so “human-like” to have one? It doesn’t really make sense that we would hold one number over any other, does it? So why?

But apparently, we do. To a big extent. And here’s an interesting RadioLab podcast that looks into the history of this matter. It’s only 20 minutes long.

I thought it was pretty fun. You might, too. Assuming, that is, you have a favorite number.

And if you do have a favorite number, I would love to hear what it is, and why.

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