Refilling the pipeline …

I was doing a routine review of my overall status a few days ago when I realized that after “Unfolding the Multi-Cloud” appeared in Analog (as it is scheduled next month), I would no longer have a work in the pipeline there. This made me more than a little sad because I’ve published four stories in that magazine over the past year or so, and have “had something in the pipeline” there for about 16 straight months. I hated the idea that this streak appeared to be broken.

That is, until fate appeared last night in the form of a note from Trevor Quachri, reporting that he wanted to publish not one but two of my stories. So I’m pleased to note that you’ll be seeing my short stories “Daily Teds,” and “The Odds” in the pages of that august magazine sometime soon (assuming, of course, all the standard contractual stuff flows fine as it pretty much always does with Analog).

I am pleased. Chuffed. Tickled. Happy. Contented. You do get the idea.

Per my accounting, this will mark my 13th and 14th pieces in the magazine, which seems at the same time both really cool and not nearly enough.

I suppose that’s how it’s supposed to feel, though [he grins].


So, now it’s off to go make new stuff.

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