DetCon schedule…finally, eh?

Just a note for all the folks out there who will be in Detroit for this week’s DetCon, I’ll be doing a couple pieces of programming–both Friday. If you’re in the zone, stop in and say hey!

Friday – 10:00AM: Reading (with Stephen Leigh)

I’m still in the mode of deciding exactly what I’m going to read, but I expect It’ll be a story titled “Fraternization,” which is soon to be published in the remarkably cool Fiction River Pulse Pounders anthology. I’ll give it a test read tomorrow before I make it final…but, man-o-man that’s going to be a kick-ass anthology.

Friday – 4:00PM: Who Lives & How (Peter Halasz, Melanie White, Laurie Gailunas, Cliff Winnig, Gregory Gadow)

Genetic manipulation is only just beginning to challenge our understanding of medical ethics. What potential science fiction themes and stories arise from these circumstances? What SF authors and works have already begun to address the questions of genetic manipulation and medical ethics?

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