I’ll have a double shot of Collins, please!

It was a very tight race, a photo finish as it were, but today I get the very distinct pleasure of reporting that the 2015 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide is now available at Amazon and other online venues. This means that the 2015 YEAG has won the race by a nose, and is now officially the very first professionally published anthology in which Brigid and I have shared the table of contents. This is soooooo cooooooooool I can’t even begin to express it. The fact that the project is such a worthwhile one (supporting inclusion in middle-grade SF) just makes it that much smore special.

At one point we thought that Fiction River’s Pulse Pounders anthology would represent that milestone, but 2015 YEAG managed to eek it out at the end.

Of course, it would be nice if these two represented the first of at least a few more, but today if for celebration of the present and that is what I shall do!

So, in celebration, here are the covers to both!

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