A pleasant surprise this morning

So I’m working away on a short story and I get a twitter ping. I grumble at the interruption, but I am also struggling with a sentence, and weak. So rather than continue to struggle, I go check it out.

Turns out it’s a notification from Nicole Sweeny, who runs “The Bibliophile Chronicles.” This is a review site for fantasy and SF books, and she’s posted a very nice review of Glamour of the God-Touched.

For the record, you are welcome to interrupt me for this kind of news pretty much any time.

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  1. Hello Ron,
    Thank you for the kind comments and for linking my post, it is much appreciated! I’m glad you liked my review, I have one of Trail of the Torean going up in about a week also! Thank you for giving me the oppertunity to review your books, I can’t wait to read the rest in the series!

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