Analog/Asimov’s readers polls!

It’s that time of year again–Analog and Asimov’s have now released their annual readers’ polls, and I’m terribly excited to be able to remind you that that I’ve got stories on both polls.

First, you might be interested in considering “Primes,” for best novelette in the Asimov’s poll. This is a tale that’s been reviewed quite positively, specifically including nice commentary in Tangent and a “Recommended” notice from Lois Tilton at Locus. I must also admit to having a particularly warm place in my heart for this one. [grin]

Then you might mosey on over to Analog’s poll, where you can consider my short stories “Survivors” and “Unfolding the Multi-Cloud,” of which, I must admit to a personal preference for “Survivors,” but of course your mileage can vary.

Whether you select one of my works or not, I sincerely hope you’ll wander over there and make your voice heard.

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