Five Days in May – New Cover Reveal!

It’s getting close to May, which if you live in Indiana means that it’s getting on to Indy 500 time. This is special to me and John Bodin because it’s also time to release the latest edition of our anthology full of racing-related science fiction. These stories are great fun, full of pure skiffy stuff like bug-eyed aliens, time travel, neural nets, and other weirdness.

The original story we’re including this year is titled “Ghost of a Chance,” and is a powerful commentary on humanity and the value of racing. The piece sprang primarily from John’s mind–but with more than a bit of tweaking on my end. In other words, it (and the whole collection) is a great example of collaboration done right in that neither I, nor John, would have written these stories the same way all by ourselves.

The collection is in the final stages of preparation, but I’m expecting a release date in early-to-mid May.

Stay tuned.

Today, however, I’m excited to reveal the spiffy new cover we’ll be releasing it with. So, without further self-celebration, here it is …

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