A day in the life of a writer

When I left my day job, people I knew kept asking me “what does a writer do all day?” I wasn’t sure what to say, but I know I mumbled through it. I would report no that I’m still trying to figure that out.

Here’s how today went, though:

  • Breakfast
  • Drive Lisa into work
  • 40 pages of rewriting on a novel
  • Fiddled with a fun but senseless Facebook chat
  • Made a blog post
  • Lunch and Finish watching a BBC documentary about Kurt Vonnegut (started yesterday).
  • Boil eggs, fold laundry, and watch a documentary about Hunter S. Thompson (with a very cool cameo with someone I’m pretty sure is a very young Bill Murray). Fascinating, of course. (See below)
  • 45 minute walk-run
  • Adjust pricing of Vols 5-8 for 3-day special
  • Write a review of Noise by Darren Hawkins
  • Take a shower (I know, TMI)
  • 20 pages of rewriting a novel
  • Make salads for dinner (while listening to Night Vale Ep #33 … yes, I’m still way behind)
  • Drive to get Lisa from work (fill up her gas tank on the way)
  • 30 minute walk with my sweetie
  • Reviewed print proofs of “5 Days in May”!!!!
  • Grill shrimp and zucchini for dinner
  • Post this.

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