Dear Book I Am Working On

Dear Book I Am Working On,

Has anyone ever told you that you are a pain in the ass? I mean …

Yes, intellectually I know we both want this thing to all work out fine in the end. My brain tells me we’re on the same team, that you’re a perfectly good book and will come along just fine. But at this point my heart is seriously questioning if you’re actually on board. Characters change, sure. And when characters change, plot changes. I get it. You get it. I get that you get it. Okay?

I love ya, man, and all that. But this is getting ridiculous.

If you were an astronaut and I was your booster, I’m getting to the point where I would consider hurdling you out into deep space on a trajectory toward galaxy Blaghhhhhh. If you were a secret agent and I was your handler, I’m at the point where I’m debating just running you into a dead end and leaving you there for the bad guys to turn you. If you were a …

-…but, alas, you are none of these things.

You are a book. Just pages with word.

And I am the writer. I get to shoes the words. Kind of.

This means I will eventually win, kind of. I will. And it means you will win, too.

So, seriously, let’s get this pouting party over with and get on with the fun part, m’kay?



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