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From a FB comment I made earlier …

Donald Trump is probably the least capable candidate that has ever been associated with a possible run for president in the history of the United States. I’ve never been a [big] Hillary supporter [from a policy standpoint] (or really a Bill supporter), But the idea the Trump is even close to Clinton is laughably funny to me. If this were a hiring decision by a company, Trump would never even get a phone interview. That’s even before you take into account his actual “policies” which are barely even sentences.

In all seriousness, there are times where I step back from another one of the billions of pieces of news that actually presents the Trump as if he’s a real live viable candidate, and get this weird feeling that I’m just not in a real world.

I don’t think I could manage being a journalist covering Trump. I swear. All I would do is laugh like a stoned college kid every time I talked about him.

I guess it’s good I’m not a journalist.

I’m completely fine with anyone who isn’t a fan of Clinton’s policies. That’s cool and all. For most of my life, I considered myself a moderate-right lean on the political scale. I get it. But if I were her late this year and I were debating Trump I would look at him, then look at the moderator, then into the TV camera, and then I would say “this is a joke, right? Are you freaking kidding me? I’m being punked, right? I mean, where’s Ashton Kutcher?”

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  1. When it comes to Hilary Clinton, I could not hire her as a rent-a-cop for any kind of duty involving classified material, even For Official Use Only. She’d fail the background check just on what we know of her emails as Sec of State. Never mind her lies to Congress and the families about Benghazi. And this just 1/1000 of 1/1000 of 1% of her problems.

    I had people with better qualifications whom I could NOT hire, because of far less security problems than Clinton. So why would I hire her as POTUS?

    After 40 years of dealing with classified material, all the way yo Secret, I still don’t understand how she is not waiting trial for mis use of classified material. Bet the farm, if was you or I, we’d be convicted already.

    Not a huge fan of Trump either, but he is better than Hilary at this point.

  2. I respect you like a brother, Gregg, and I give you any opinion of Hillary you want to have. But Donald Trump has no credentials at all. He’s the silliest. most ridiculous candidate of all times. Every time I consider the idea of him even being in the race I ask myself if I’m on drugs.

  3. James Buchanan who caused the Civil War (and was elected) wasn’t exactly Mr Awesome. Warren Harding was also not exactly the brightest shining bulb, and his “neglect of office” led to Teapot Dome. I’m not a big Trump fan but he’s not as dumb as people seem to think (nor is he all that ethical and it’s not good that he got so far – but it IS good that a political outsider got at least somewhere). Would he be better or worse than Arnold Schwarzenegger who was a little bit more careful in what he said in public, if not what he did in private? Who knows?

    As the young ‘uns point out: it doesn’t have to be either-or and maybe this is happening to provide better choices and improve things in the future.

  4. I’ll stand by my statement. Regardless of what you think of any other candidate’s viability, Donald Trump as a serious candidate just makes me giggle. The mere idea of him being treated like he’s a serious candidate is the greatest piece of evidence there is that I am living in an acid-spiked simulation of reality. 🙂

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