Announcing a new series!

So, you might be asking, amid all this junk about the elections and whatnot, what the heck am I actually working on? The answer is actually pretty danged exciting: a total of six books, all of which will be published through Skyfox Publishing over the next 9-10 months, the first of which should be available in November of this year.

I can’t begin to tell you how pumped I am about these books.

The biggest of these projects is a 5-book series of harder/space-based science fiction novels under the overall title Stealing the Sun. The launch of these books will bring to an end to something in the range of fifteen years of work (on and off, of course). The series is a considerable expansion of three stories originally published in Analog (and which you can find in my collection Picasso’s Cat & Other Stories on Amazon or Kobo), the first of which was actually written while I was attending the Writers of the Future workshop.

I’ve been in the process of re-tooling them quite heavily for the past year or so (starting before the big move out west). It’s been a lot of fun to live in these books, and given their origin I admit I have a serious soft spot in my heart for them. Obviously, I hope you like them all!

The titles are subject to change in the near future, but right now I project the following launch sequence (launch sequence…fitting term for the series, actually!):

>> Starflight: Stealing the Sun, Book 1 should see light in late-November. It’s and is set on a spaceship with an interstellar mission to Alpha Centauri that is designed to use the fusioning (*) material in the star to power future space—essentially opening the door to FTL travel. (* is “fusioning” a word? It is now!)

>> Starburst: Stealing the Sun, Book 2 is planned to follow in mid-December

>> Starfall: Stealing the Sun, Book 3 would hit the stores in late January

>> Starclash: Stealing the Sun, Book 4 is slated for March

>> Starborn: Stealing the Sun, Book 5 should then finish it all up in May

Quite the schedule, eh?

But wait, I hear you! “You said six books!” you’re saying, peering at me with a wary and condemning eye.

And that is true indeed.

Skyfox Publishing will be releasing The Knight Deception in February, which will give you something to read while you wait for books four and five of the Stealing the Sun series to arrive. “TKD,” as I call it when I talk to myself, is a thriller set in a near-term SFnal future and is built around ideas of how genetic engineering might be used to do nothing short of threaten the viability of the US (and, of course, the world)! Mwahhhh-hhaaahhhhh!

It’s another book that’s been a blast to write, and that my beta reads have said is a blast to read. So, I hope you’ll agree. (grin)

Busy, busy, busy, right?

More to come, of course. I hope to get you some advance cover reveals and more news on how you can maybe get some free goodies (*) here soon…so please do stay tuned!

* Of course, the best way to get free goodies related to my work is to sign up for my ever-sporadic Newsletter!

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