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Whew, I say, pushing my head above water just in time to see the publication of my short story “Love Powders and Wicked Witches” in the Witches’ Brew bundle. It’s October, right? Totally makes sense. On the other hand, Holy goodness, but where has time gone?

Anyway, all I have to do to get excited about this bundle is to scan the list of authors included in it. This is a group of great stories by a whole lot of writers I really love. I mean, seriously, the seven writers in just the “base bundle” are Lisa Silverthorne, Leslie Clair Walker, Eric Edstrom, Bonnie Elizabeth, Thea Hutchinson, and…hmmm…who is this Brigid Collins? (very big, sheepish grin). And me, of course…I’m in there, too! These are people who catch my eye every time they put out something new. And that’s before you get to the “extra” content. Twenty stories for six bucks? Sign me the heck up.

As with most bundles, you get to pick your content and, to an extent, your price. You also get to decide if 10% of your hard earned cash goes to one of a pair of charities (in this case, World Vets or Doctors Without Borders). What a great set-up, right?

Buy the Bundle Right Here, Right NOW!

love-powders-and-wicked-witches-600x900My own story is a fun little piece that came out of literally nowhere. That how it is sometimes, you know? Take one witch, and one woman with a problem, mix generously and see what happens.

Let me also give a special call-out to Jamie Ferguson, who has done a spectacular job curating and managing the development of this bundle of short fiction. I would suggest “Herds cats with exceptional excellence” should be on her permanent resume.

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