My TusCon Schedule!


For all of you who have been fervently waiting, here is where I’ll be while at TusCon 43 this weekend. Stop on over and see me.

You can check out the whole program and all the participants with this handy-dandy program page.


7:00 PM: Ballroom (Seville), Meet the Guests, Ballroom (Seville)
9:00 PM: Ballroom (Seville), Do old, fat, bearded white men really run science fiction? Did they ever?


11:00 AM: Upper Terrace, Autograph Session:
3:00 PM – Panel Room 1 (Valencia), Mentor Texts: Who do you read and why?


9:00 AM – Panel Room 2 (Valencia), Seven-Point Plot Structure for Short Story Writers
1:00 PM – Ballroom (Seville), PTSD in fiction and Film. Should there be trigger warnings or is is cathartic?

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