The Knight Deception is Published!

Publication day is always a great day, and this one is perhaps even better than the rest. Why, you ask? Well, today represents my official full jump into the realm of political/SF thrillers, as The Knight Deception is now available through Skyfox Publishing! This makes me very happy. Trevin Knight has been one of my favorite characters to write about, and this book is one of my wife’s favorites. So I’m guessing there will be more where this one came from. [grin]

Here are the cover and product description:

The Knight Deception

Well-liked up-and-coming lawyer on a senator’s staff, still figuring life out.

The CEO of a genetic research firm turns up dead and Trevin Knight falls into the crossfire of a covert inside game. International politics, genetic science, and even the nature of life itself hang in the balance.

Can Trevin stay alive long enough to save not only himself, but everyone else, too?

THE KNIGHT DECEPTION, a fast-paced, near-future political thriller by Derringer Award Nominated author Ron Collins.

You can pick up a print or electronic copy at most online vendors:


Or order at your local bookstore!

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