Stealing the Sun, Book 5!

I’m terribly pleased to note that Starbound, the fifth book of the Stealing the Sun series, is now available at online retailers near you. This is a story near to my heart right now because, quite honestly, it wasn’t going to exist at all until the thing rose its hand up and pretty much demanded to come to life on its own. I love it when that happens, of course, though it would be easier to deal with if it didn’t wait to do it until I was smack-dab in the middle of working on a release cycle.

The life of a skiffy writer on a deadline is a wondrous thing, right? I mean, cry me a river.

Regardless, I love this book–which is technically a long novella (hence the reduced price from the rest of the series). I hope you love it, too.

Here are the details, including a handy button you can use to grab it.

Interested in starting with Book 1?

An arms race across the galaxy

Reeling from war, the United Government’s Interstellar Command wants control. In constant fear of discovery, Universe Three wants revenge.

Amid a changing starscape of intrigue Torrance Black-hero turned science ambassador-gets one more chance to find intelligent life outside the Solar System: convince the most prominent scientists alive to spend one of their precious Star Drive missions on a trip to Alpha Centauri A.

Win and he saves an alien species. Lose and his career is done. How far is Torrance willing to go?

How far will he have to go?


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