Daily Persistence: The First Ten Years, and More

Time is weird.

Due to conversations Lisa and I have had recently, I just took a little break and went back to the web journal I kept back in the old days. Yes, I mean back when there was no WordPress, no Facebook, and no Twitter. I mean back in the day when there was only me and Notepad and a FTP link to server space.

It was an interesting spin.

I eventually called the place “Daily Persistence.” My first entry was over twenty years ago, September 21, 1996.

It would be almost a year (July 6, 1997) before I would actually title a piece—a tiny bit about meeting Dr. Demento, one of my weird heroes, at a convention. My next titled piece was in September. That whole year was raw. Very, very raw. Simple entries that primarily tracked submissions. That’s what the place was then, a simple Web Presence before there were more complex Web Presences, a place where I and a few friends could share stuff.

Then it grew.

I have nice little sidebar-link menus that run up to 2005, but the whole things continues to 2009–to get there, you need to follow the chained links.

I don’t know that I have a great point to this post, except to note that it was strange to do, and that it brought back memories.

And that time is weird, of course.

Let’s not forget that.

Time is definitely weird.

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  1. He came to my first reading ever (I read “The Test of Time,” a story I put in an anthology titled RETURN OF THE DINOSAURS). He told he he really liked it. A total career highlight from way-back. I absolutely loved Dr. Demento.

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