Sins of the Father Published!

Last night I released a notification for a fantastic anthology focused on ethics and social issues that, I’m quite proud to be part of. Today I get to announce project #2!

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Time passes. Teenage sidekicks grow up. Heroes and villains settle down and start families, with the next generation of kids taking over the family business. This collection includes longer stories about families in masks. Of course, since superheroes make everything crazier, we get to see what happens when family ties get tangled with ties of crime-fighting!

Does the hero retire gracefully and let the teen sidekick take over the costume? Do children of supervillains join the family business, or do they work to thwart their own parental units?

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Here’s a really fun superhero bundle that includes, “T-Minus Zero Plus Forever” a novelette that I roped my good friend John C. Bodin into collaborating with me on. I always love writing with John because he’s a great idea guy, and I love the stories we end up with, and they are always things I would never have been able to do on my own.

This bundle is flled with longer stories–everything from novelette to novel length work. In John’s and my case, the story is “T-Minus Zero Plus Forever,” which is a novelette that riffs off current events in a … uh … well, in a futuristic superhero kinda way.

It’s all great fun. If you like superheroes (and, I mean, who doesn’t?), I’m sure you’ll have a great time with this one.

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BundleRabbit (pay a minimum of $7.99 USD and receive all 10 ebooks).

Also available at:
KoboAmazoniBooks, and Barnes & Noble.

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Here’s the full lineup.

Hunted by Annie Reed
Expectations by Blaze Ward
T-Minus Zero Plus Forever by Ron Collins & John C. Bodin
Bamboo and Pine by Leah Cutter
Not-So-Fortunate Son by Robert Jeschonek
A Boy Named Evil, Ultrahumans by Ezekiel James Boston
Cops and Fathers by M. L. Buchman
Ella Saves the World by Rebecca M. Senese
No Money in Heroism by Stefon Mears
The Fantabulous Flying Cupcakes of Terror-Missed-You by Louisa Swann

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