First Rays of New Sun

As we cross by Winter Solstice and move toward the new year, I’m thrilled to note that Midwinter Fae a collaborative anthology that includes my story “First Rays of New Sun” is now available.

You find links to get it in all formats here.

I had a great time bending the rules a little with my own take on the fae. Or, well, not so much bending the rules as applying them in ways and situations that perhaps add a little genre-bending twist to the game. I’ll stop there,and just say I hope you enjoy it.

I do have to say that it’s great fun to see my name below Eric Edstrom’s (who is a flat-out awesome short story writer) and above Rei Rosenquist’s (who I read for the first time last year, and was blown away by). Lot’s of really interesting writers in this one. And, yeah, there’s even another Collins in there!

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