A Strange Period of Stalledness Comes to An End

I finished a short story today.

This is a big deal for me because, as you might be able to tell from my lack of presence around her and around some other social sites, I’ve been in a strange period of stalledness. By that I mean I’ve been coming to work every day and getting words put down on this story, but I’ve just not liked what was coming out of me. Yes, this is bad. It’s bad for business, bad for progress, bad for personal sanity. But it also is what it is.

Some of my friends would say I’ve been listening to my critical brain too much.

Some would tell me just to get over it and send things out regardless of whether I think they’re done or not.

Yes, I get it.

Maybe they’re right. But, alas, I am also who I am, and as I’ve said before: I may not know if what I’ve done is good or not, but I know when I’m proud of it. Nothing I had done in the month I’ve spent writing this fairly short story was making me happy, and I have the lucky situation of being able to occasionally set aside business and financial concerns to let the “art” side of my brain have its space. So as frustrating as that can be, that’s what I did.

Now this story is done—or at least it’s sitting on Lisa’s desk for final copy edit, and I’m ready to move on. Now I love what it says. Perhaps no one will read it. Perhaps they will. If they do read it, maybe it’s good and maybe it’s not. Only time will tell those results. But now I’m really quite proud of it.

Yes, that part at least is all very good.

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