“The Ambassador Objective” sees Boundary Shock Quarterly #1

There’s a bit of publishing news I’ve been delinquent on, but in case folks missed them, I’ll take some time over the next day or two to “announce” them.

Let me start with the launch of Boundary Shock Quarterly. This is the product of a cool syndicate of writers that I’ve been included in (I always wanted to be part of the syndicate…it just sounded so cool, eh?), led by Blaze Ward. The first issue, themed “Captain’s Log” dropped a bit ago, and includes my story “The Ambassador Objective.”

You can get it in print and e-book form here (The BSQ web page is fully functional, but the project is in its early stages to it’s still under a bit of construction).

Here’s the very cool back cover blurb:

Captain’s Log …

Let those words send your imagination soaring as we travel with twelve different authors to exciting, distant futures. From a young Lieutenant thrust into command by the worst disaster imaginable, to aliens trying to understand humans, to galaxy-ending civil wars, and first contacts across a variety of cultures, these stories will make you think, make you dream, make you go awwwwww. Find your sense of wonder again and come exploring with us.

I’m really excited about this project because it’s great fun to write to Blaze’s themes and because the writers he’s got lined up are full of all the cool surprises. Check it out and you’ll see what I mean!

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