Covering the Games Appears in Avatar Dreams!

Yeah, I’m late to the party again. Life, you know? Anyway, I want to take a moment to note that my story “Covering the Games” is now available in a particularly fascinating anthology titled Avatar Dreams

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This anthology is chock-full of stories that touch on the futuristic (or not so futuristic) uses of remotely operated avatar technology as it becomes integrated with human beings. Just scan down the contributor’s list below and you’ll immediately see how solid this one is going to be.

My own work is about a young journalist of sorts who finds the first ever AvaGames, a kind of Olympics gone Avatar (natch), goes deeper than she thought. As usual, it was great fun to write.

These stories will stretch your imagination in ways you might never have thought possible. Hang on, though, because some of these ideas will jump from science fiction to reality sooner than you think.

I hope you enjoy them all!

Here’s the Table of Contents:

Foreword, by Harry Doc Kloorvii
Introduction, by Ray Kurzweilxv
KEVIN J. ANDERSON The Next Best Thing to BeingThere
TINA GOWER The Waiting Room
KEVIN IKENBERRY That Others May Live
ANDREA G.STEWART The Ghost of the Mountain
RON COLLINS Covering the Games
HARRY DOCKLOOR Avatar Syndrome
KAY KENYON The Gathering
OSH VOGT Delivering the Payload
MARINA J.LOSTETTER Stedman Farrah’s IllustriousFall
BRAD R.TORGERSEN Old Dogs, New Tricks
TODD J.MCCAFFREY Little and Small
JODY LYNN NYE In the Heart of the Action

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