BSQ Publishes “Eyes Flashing Blue and Brown and Green”

Happy to note (only a couple days late this time!) that my story “Eyes Flashing Blue and Brown and Green” has been published in Boundary Shock Quarterly, which is s fun little publication brought out by Blaze Ward.

I call BSQ a “fun little publication” because the writers who hang out there are pretty fun, and pretty quirky at times, and because Blaze has set us out on a charter that requires us to be “on theme, with weird.” So, really, you never know what’s going to happen in its pages.

The theme for this one is: Apocalypse Descending, which to be blunt, send folks spinning in all sorts of directions. My own story starts as follows:

It turns out that all it takes for humans from around the globe to want to work together is an annihilating force from the stars appearing on the Terran doorstep.

You can grab it from most popular booksellers here

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