Tomorrow in All the Worlds Launches!

Yesterday is death. Today is decay. Tomorrow is discovery.

– The Ambassador Mission
– Drinks on a Beach
– Tomorrow in All the Worlds
– Fighting the Realms
– Space Tyrants from the Void
– Eyes Flashing Blue and Brown and Green
– Goliath’s Sling
– Bugs

Seeing your work go out into the world is always an oddly bittersweet thing for me. Of course, I love seeing my stuff out there, and it’s always great to see how people react to my work. This week sees the formal publishing of Tomorrow in All the Worlds an oddly eclectic gathering of all the stories I’ve had published in Blaze Ward’s Boundary Shock Quarterly. You can find it in print on Amazon, and in e-formats across all your usual book sources.

I say this process is bittersweet because for me a large majority of the fun I get from this gig is in the writing itself. When I page through the pages of the proofs, for example, I remember being particularly enthused about the conversations happening in “Drinks on A Beach,” and having great fun as I ripped through “Space Tyrants from the Void.” Scanning “Fighting the Realm” brings back the (now) three stories I’ve told in that Sag-A world, and makes me want to go back and add more—maybe make it a book in itself, eh?

There’s more, of course. These eight stories happened at eight different moments in my life, so by definition, they each bring back different thoughts.

Mostly, though, they make me think back to a night in Oregon when a small collection of writers sat down to dinner and to listen to Blaze talk about what he was doing. It was a great night. I have no idea where this project is going in the future, of course, but it’s been around for two years now, and it’s been a blast to ride along so far.

If you like your SF varied, and a touch off-kilter, I think you’re going to like these stories. If you do, you can check the whole BSQ project out right here.

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