Space: 1975

Here’s your chance to stow away on the greatest little space opera anthology since, well, the 70s! [grin]



All right, I’ve done some vague Facebook sharing on this project over the past day or three, but since it’s getting ready to go live I can now talk a bit more here.

A little while back, Robert Jeschonek asked me if I’d like to be involved in this thing he was working on that would bring a bunch of other writers into a mega-fun space opera thing. Bottom line, here: any time Robert asks me to do about anything, there’s a good bet I’ll do it. He is, flat out, one of the best out there. This time, though, he hit me in the sweet spot—science fiction written with a 70s twist. Sold, man. I’m totally sold. As it often happens, also, the query came to my in-box just as I’d just been thinking about how much fun it had been to write a couple of the more pulpy stories I recently released in Tomorrow In All the Worlds. In other words, I was in a weakened and vulnerable state for just such a project. The timing was perfect.

Then he started in on talking about the other writers: New York Times best sellers, Nebula winners, a Star Trek screen writer, comic book stars.

I mean.

What a great book, right?

You Can Help The Project Blast Off:

Bob’s funding this through a kickstarter that will, itself, blast off next Tuesday (August 11). I’ll drop a few other notes when we’re really at mission launch, but you can click through here now and get notified automatically when it’s ready to go.

Like all kickstarters, you’ll be able to back the project at any one of several levels, so check it out!

If, for whatever reason, the “Notify” button errors, email, and Robert will get it taken care of!

It’s going to be great, great fun.

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