Fun Thing of the Day #4: What’s Up?

Yesterday I finally broke down and did a little playing with a video editor–it’s one of those things I’ve always told myself I was going to do, and just never got around to it. You know what I mean. One of those things that seemed like it would be fun if I just applied myself a little harder. I’ve messed with it a bit before, but mostly to do very rudimentary (and not so good) audio work for a set of super-niche podcasts (fake baseball … don’t ask). But I wanted to actually play with stuff a little, so I grabbed a tiny bit of video with my phone, plopped it into a free video editor, and got to work.

I was right–it was fun. I fiddled and faddled and played with fade in and fade out. I cut video and pasted images. When the program got going flooey I grabbed a tutorial or two and figured stuff out. As noted, I’ve done some audio stuff in the program before so that wasn’t new–but paying with it in this “new” medium as interesting. And, yeah, the final product–while perhaps a bit … um … simple and silly? … well, it made me happy.

A while back I was on a short run of doing what I called “Fun Thing of the Day.” Mostly links to Web things that made me happy in some fashion or other. I figure this fits that bill, so what the heck.

So without further whoo-ha, here’s the worldwide debut of my 1-minute video I’ve so cleverly titled “What’s Up?”

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