Santa’s Shrinkage: (Holiday Spectacular Story #17)

As noted here, I’m commenting daily on the WMG Holiday Spectacular—which is a great project that releases a story every day. These might be reviews. Or not. They might be interesting. Or … um … not. They will be fun, though. For me, at least.

Here’s the next story.


“Santa’s Shrinkage”
David H. Hendrickson

Jesus, David. Now you’ve gone and done it.

I have no words for this one, except, well, look at the title and let your imagination run. Whatever you come up with will not suffice. What you see is what you get, I guess. Or not. It’s…um…short. It sells its silliness. Seriously, this is such a fun read but I can’t comment much further because anything I would say would likely ruin it, and I love you each too much to go that low.

Instead, I’ll just say here that David H. Hendrickson is a rare gem. A lot of people can write multiple genres and multiple tones. I mean, to at least some extent I do, so how hard can it be? But his range is truly immense, and his skillset is deeply wicked. The man has no shame, and I mean that all the best ways possible. When I pick up a story from him, the only thing I know for certain is that I’m guaranteed to be surprised in some way or another. Which, of course, makes him so awesome.

He wrote “Who I Am,” which Brigid and I published in our Face the Strange anthology, which—to prove my point—is nothing at all like “Santa’s Shrinkage,” but easily just as good.

Bottom line: if you’re not already acquainted with the writing of David H. Hendrickson, well, I’ve got a great New Year’s resolution for you to try on.

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  1. Wow! Thank you for those incredibly kind words. I’ve always looked up to you, so they mean a lot.

    Your commentary on each day’s story is also greatly appreciated. You are a terrific writer and person.

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