The Christmas Haters’ Ball: (Holiday Spectacular Story #31)

As noted here, I’m commenting daily on the WMG Holiday Spectacular—which is a great project that releases a story every day. These might be reviews. Or not. They might be interesting. Or … um … not. They will be fun, though. For me, at least.

Here’s the next story.

“The Christmas Haters’ Ball”
Robert Jeschonek

The world makes it easy to get bothered by Christmas. I mean, decorations in October? The never-ending commercials, and music in every danged place? And don’t get me started on the whole “War on Christmas” vibe that’s so strong among certain folks anymore. (Aside: did they cancel that this year? Maybe I missed it. Dunno). Anyway, sometimes the commercial and social tidal wave is so large and so overwhelming that you just want to give it up and yell for it all to go away, am I right?

But then … I mean … it’s the whole holiday season thing.

And I’m an optimist.

And a lover of things like awards shows and the sometimes-cheesy morality plays that are comic book stories (Hawkeye, for the total win, BTW), and It’s a Wonderful Life, and, well. Let’s say I feel for you if you don’t go all squishy when the Grinch’s heart grows all those sizes. When you get out from all the external dross, Christmas is Christmas. I also love short stories, and especially short stories that work on every level they can work on—which is one way to describe “The Christmas Haters’ Ball.” It is, to me, the perfect Christmas short story, and really should be read by everyone, and maybe especially every person who creates anything ever.

Highly, Highly Recommended.

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