Day of the Party Published!

I’m happy to say that the “Broken Dreams” volume of Fiction River is being released today.
I say that for more than the usual reasons, though, because this volume includes “Day of the Party,” which so happens to have been my mother’s absolute favorite story of mine. I’ll never think of it without thinking of her. It’s a contemporary piece (or perhaps historical, if you want to go there). I’ll drop an excerpt below here.

“Broken Dreams” also comes with a selection of stories from several fantastic writers. I mean, just look at the table of contents:

  • Robert Jeschonek
  • Michael Warren Lucas
  • Lisa Silverthorne
  • Brigid Collins (hey!)
  • Annie Reed
  • Brenda Carre
  • Ezekiel James Boston
  • Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • David H. Hendrickson
  • Me!
  • Lee Allred

Discounting me (heh), that is a real A+ lineup. The stories will kick some tail.

Pick yours up here:


Excerpt: “Day of the Party”

As they did every year, she and her husband would be hosting young Bill’s birthday party this afternoon. He had been her first great-grandchild, and was named after her own Bill. At first she didn’t know how to feel about using a name that would always remind her of her boy, but she also knew it was appropriate. The boy was Bill’s grandson, after all. Like everything else that happened after they received the visit and the flag, though, the idea of young Bill carrying her boy’s name was filled with conflict.

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