STS-8 Dare: Day 26 (wherein I get the benefit of the doubt)

I’m writing this a little bit early, so I’m giving myself a little more credit that I deserve—meaning I’m claiming 1,000 words. I’m really at just north of 500, but I’m charging on and I imagine I’ll get there pretty soon. It’s just that my brain needed a break and I wanted to write this now. So, rather than go back later and fixing it, I’m guessing. I’ll settle up in tomorrow’s update if I’m off either way.

I admit I’m a little surprised that the number isn’t higher. I expected more in the 2K or more range, because the story is moving along on the whole. I admit I’ve had a little trouble getting down into the scene I’ve been trying to write today, so that’s part of it. But in line with all my other posts, my limited output is deeper than that—tied I think to the whole independent publisher thing. For example, in addition to hitting my minimum writing goal—which I have—I’ve also managed to:

• Finished the framework for what I’ll loosely call a pricing & marketing plan for my Collins Creek short story collection (more about that soon!).
• Built the e-Book for the Collins Creek omnibus I’ll release later this year.
• Spent a chunk of time on a “business Skype” with Brigid regarding the Dare itself as well as some other plans we’ve got.
• Watched a video that discusses voice (learning is always both interesting and important).

And that’s not counting pushing a bit of laundry, and taking that cat for a walk.

Yes, I walk my cat. What of it?

Total Dare Word Count Now: 27,850
Total Book: 30,100 words

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