STS-8 Dare: Day 51 (the end!)

So, yeah. I finished draft one of the STARDUST today. And I like it. Yay me!

Technically I also finished about 25% of the final pass—but mostly because I’ve already done a second pass of the first 70% of the book, give or take, which I’ve documented elsewhere. I’d guess the full second pass will take two more days.

That sound you hear now are the voices of the Fates which have been laughing at me all of this little project. Har! Two days! Silly human!

Regardless, it feels good to get the “The End.”

Brigid Report

As I noted at various times, Brigid and I were doing this as a mini Novel Dare with the idea that we had to finish in two months rather than one. Brigid’s adventure finished in an odd way—with the starts of two series, and the “finish” of a third. That third being the most pressing in that I now have her three novellas sitting in my in-box waiting to be read.

So, I’d say it’s a win all around!

Total Book: 53,100 words

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