Happy Book Day to Me! Collins Creek #1 is Published!

Available in Print or Ebook!

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With everything else going on, I admit that May has kind of slipped up on me.

I know. Tough life.

Today is a big deal, though, because I get to announce the publication of Collins Creek, Volume 1: Contemporary Currents and Historical Eddies. This is the the first of what will be three really fun collections of my short stories, all of them having some kind of connection to the Fiction River project I’ve been heavily involved in for several years now.

One of the things I loved the most about the Fiction River project was that—while you could focus on speculative stories in most situations—it was a place to stretch my genre wings and tell stories outside my more “natural” zone as a writer of more speculative things. As seems only fitting that this first volume represents ten contemporary stories that range from historical settings to representations of modern day living, and maybe even a little baseball. You’ve got stories with rock and roll at their core, and a crime thing or two. Hard stories. Affirming stories. Even my take on romance.

To spice things up, the volume also includes a pair of collaborations with my daughter, Brigid (who also has a new series out—if you love fey and love romance, you should check it out).

I should note also that this volume is introduced by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, a Hugo winner, a Fiction River Series Editor, and the acquiring editor of several of these stories. It’s a big honor to me to have her add her thoughts to this one—an honor that makes me quite happy.

I’ve been telling people for a long time now that I wanted to release these stories, so it feels great to finally make them happen.

Here’s the back copy!

Ten Stories: Together for the First Time

Jump in, the water’s fine!

In Collins Creek, Volume 1, you’ll find a remarkable 10-pack of contemporary short stories from prolific writer Ron Collins, all of which first appeared in Fiction River original anthology magazines. Bookended by the Derringer award-nominated “The White Game” and the spy-game thriller “The Spy Who Walked into the Cold,” the currents of Collins Creek are filled with mystery and crime, romance and danger, and even a little baseball.

Connecting them all, though, is the powerful stream of hope running through their pages.

Stories Include:

The White Game
Us vs. Them
Day of the Party
The Ten Days of Newtonmas
The Year That Went into Extra Innings
Hero #8
Look Safe
The Spy Who Walked into the Cold

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