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This week, Lisa and I moved to Las Vegas.

That’s not a sentence I had expected to type some years back, but it seems like the obvious move today. It’s complicated, of course, but the simple way of putting it is that we like the southwestern climate overall and we wanted to be in a place where there was more to do. I think Vegas qualifies on both fronts. Exhibit A: thanks to a friend, we already have tickets to a showing of Hamilton later in the year—yay! Exhibit B: Fireworks from the condo were pretty cool—the entire city was like a scintillating wave of sparkly bits, which we were close enough to see, but far enough away that for the most part it wasn’t massively loud.

Yes, it’s super-hot for three months of the year, and yes there are water issues, but that’s no different from where we were. Ultimately, this is a bit of a trial for us. We’re renting for a bit to make sure we like it here, but I’d guess it will work out—and if for whatever reason it doesn’t, well, it should still be fun, right?

I’m not going to lie, though. It’s been a long couple of weeks. Lots of driving. Lots of lifting. Lot’s of packing and unpacking. I’m tired, and I’m sore, and poor Lisa is pretty much the same. It turns out that while Lisa is simply out of shape from a few years of medical issues, I am actually old. Go figure. We’re getting it together, though. Food is in the pantry, stuff is put away and organized. Several things are also in process to be delivered. One bed delivered today, a couple chairs, air purifiers, etc. Full speed ahead.

The move obviously knocked a few things off kilter, so I’m looking forward to getting back into a daily cycle of creating things. There are things to do, you know? I’d say I got about a half day in today, which is good. My first real progress in two weeks.

Hoping tomorrow is almost normal.

Whatever serves as “normal” is in Vegas, anyway.

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