I’ve Been Baited and Switched

There is a thing my wife and I say about our relationship—that I only married her for her toothpaste. When we met, you see, she used Aim. I did not. The running joke was that she was the only one who could get Aim, and so, since I decided I liked that better, well … the rest is history.

Run time forward a bit more than a few years, and you’ll see that I’ve been a stalwart Aim user ever since that day, despite the fact that Lisa has moved on. “Hey,” I’d say whenever she asked if I wanted to switch, “I married you for this toothpaste.”


We moved to Vegas, right? Three weeks ago. Up and moved. Toothpaste and all.

Except I took only the active tube, you see? We’re doing this in stages. All my supply chain is still back in Tucson. And, as of yesterday, I was running out. Maybe three days left. Not to worry, I went to the store yesterday. Alas, there was no joy in Mudville. There was none to be found. Mighty Aim struck out.

Instead, a lowly tube of Crest made its way home.

So now I’m in a real tight spot. Is this true love, or have I simply been under an Aim spell for all these many years?

Time draws near. The tension builds.

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