Marital Crisis Averted!

A few days back I posted a bit about how I’d been baited and switched on my toothpaste. I am now a bit derelict in my duty on reporting back how that situation turned out.

To refresh, one of the stories in my family is how my entire married life was predicated having been lured into said marital status by the use of Aim toothpaste, but that this move to Las Vegas had put that situation into peril. (Yes, I have high-class taste. Sue me.)

The good news is that literally the evening I posted that, the Aim toothpaste fairy appeared out of nowhere with a whole stack of the preferred product. Oh, I know what you’re thinking? Toothpaste Fairy? Seriously? Well…you can believe what you want, I suppose. But personally, I think Lisa has a close relationship with said toothpaste fairy and made a call in order to save the day.

Regardless, all is good.

You may now stand down.

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