Yes, there’s a great sense of relief rolling through the Collins household this morning because I’m finally seeing the day I’ve been anticipating for some time. My Stealing the Sun series is back in the saddle, passing the final turn and heading into the homestretch (yes, I grew up in Kentucky Derby Land, why do you ask?).

I’m so happy to announce that STARGAMES, Book 7 of the series is now officially released through all my normal venues and is available in both electronic and print versions. Check out the details below!


Intergalactic War Is Chaos

Deidra Francis: Director of the Universe Three rebels.

Allie Feder: Brilliant wormhole physicist

Zina Nichols: Ambitious United Government intelligence agent

Thomas Kitchell: Esteemed scientist, hero of the Everguard mission, friend of Torrance Black

New forces gather. The United Government search for Universe Three’s home system narrows, leaving the rebels with slim options. How far is Deidra Francis willing to go to give her people a chance to live free?

The answer: As far as it takes—or farther.

Nothing less than the survival of the human race lies in the balance.

STARGAMES, the seventh book of Stealing the Sun, a space-based Science Fiction series from frequent Analog contributor and bestselling Science Fiction and Dark Fantasy author Ron Collins

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