My Celebration of the Short Story: Please Tell More!

All right, then; I’m doing a kickstarter.

I’m quite excited about it and have spent considerable time trying to get everything just so. In fact, as we draw nearer, I am still tweaking a thing here or there. That’s why, as I patted myself on the back as I put out the pre-requisite announcement by which people can get notified of when it goes live. (8/23) But then someone in one of the communities I posted it in asked me for more information.

More directly, the guy said: Please tell more. The KS page says little.

This is true.

See for yourself: Here’s the link

There will be more information available on that page as soon as the project launches, but for now it’s pretty barren. I assume that’s on purpose. I think the preview page’s only purpose is to give folks a place to get notified when the whole shebang goes live. In retrospect, one could probably do better.

So, the question is fair. Which means I’ll give you a little rundown now, and you can check it out in more depth when the project goes live.

I’m calling this thing a Celebration of the Short Story because I’m using the project to launch my new book On Writing (and Reading!) Short. It’s my foray into the nonfiction world of writers talking about writing, and focuses (naturally) on short fiction. Point one here is that supporting the project means you get this book for a bit of a cheaper rate, and before anyone else does—I plan to launch it fully in maybe November or December. We’ll see.

Kickstarter is great this way. It lets you support an artist directly and provides that funding stream straight to the creator rather than funneling big chunks off to online booksellers. In other words, it lets me give my readers a good deal without losing anything in the process.

But, wait, there’s more!

No good celebration ends with only one thing, am I right? In addition to supporting my new book, readers also get the opportunity to get some good deals on other parts of my catalog. Specifically readers will able to pick up bundles of my short story collections, or even individual volumes. Whatever matches your reader preferences—all for a bit less than you’d pay on commercial sites.

And, you can do some other stuff, too.

Backers get their names in the book. You can make me read. Or make we create what should be a fun little video of one of my short stories. Or get an add-on or two. There are stretch goals, too, which will be full of even more short story goodness.

So there it is. Kind of. Like I said, you’ll see a lot more detail when it goes live.

We’ll see if it flies, of course. I mean, maybe the project won’t fund and I’ll have to go a different way. Things happen. But I’m excited to see where it goes.

Happy endings or not, I do love short stories, after all.

It should be fun.

If you’re so inclined, you can go here to get notified of the project’s go-live launch!

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