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Read Great Books, Pay What you Want, Contribute to Charity!

I’m quite chuffed to note that my new non-fiction book On Writing (and Reading!) Short, which was officially released first as a kickstarter, is now included as part of a great StoryBundle—this one targeted toward people who write, from beginner to grizzled expert.

The Writer’s Career Toolbook is a collection of books curated by the prolific writer Kevin J. Anderson. Just scanning its titles shows that he’s put together a gaggle of books that covers just about everything you’d want covered. There’s story structure here, world building, time management, indie publishing, marketing, and all sorts of other bits that you’d maybe never even think about without a prompt like this.

Like all things StoryBundle, you get to control how much you spend (as little as $5 for five books!), where the money goes, including specifically whether you want some of it to go to a remarkably great charity—in this case, the Challenger Center for Space Science Education. As you might tell from the subtitle of my own book (A Science Fiction Writer’s Quest for Stories that Matter), this is a group I can get some true excitement up for. This is something I just love about StoryBundles—it gives readers so much leeway to decide what they want done with their money.

I hope you enjoy it!

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