On Writing (and Reading!) Short in Preorder!

All right then.

The Kickstarter is finished. The story bundle is nearing its end. (though you can still grab a deal for a couple weeks). But, if all you want is a simple copy of On Writing (and Reading!) Short, your time is here.

I’m very happy to announce that my first foray into nonfiction is now available for pre-order. This excites me because I had way more fun writing this book than I ever thought I would, probably because I realized I actually had something I wanted to say with it. The book’s subtitle, A Science Fiction Writer’s Quest for Stories that Matter, might suggest that. This is a book that is only slightly about craft. Mostly, I’d say it’s about figuring out what it means to live your life while trying to learn how to be creative. Or maybe it’s the other way around, maybe the book is about trying to figure out how to be creative while living the rest of your life.

It is, of course, my celebration of the short story, too. Expect a lot of discussion around topics pertinent to the form. Things like, what is a career? What does it mean to be productive? Or successful? How do you find time?

I was thrilled when David H. Hendrickson agreed to give me his quite kind blurb. He is such an amazing writer. You should read his stuff.

I note that the pre-order is for electronic versions only right now. I’ll let you know with that changes.

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