First Rays of New Sun – Available now!

Alban Arthan. Winterfest. The end of the old year, the birth of the next.

Katazarra, once the Lord’s favorite, has been locked in Fae Realm for longer than memory recalls. Then comes James, a human new to the Realm. A prize, not yet bound. A toy given to Katazarra such that she will bind him.

If she fails, the Lord’s penalty will be severe.

If she succeeds, it could be worse.

I’m pleased to note that my short story “Frist Rays of New Sun” is available today as a stand-alone mini-book! It’s a fun little science fictional twist on a story steeped in fairy that I found more than entertaining to write. If you like a little science in your fantasy, or maybe just a fresh take on your Winterfest tale, this one is for you.

This story first appeared in Midwinter Fae, edited by Jamie Ferguson. Pick up your copy here.

Even better, it comes complete with an excerpt from “Bridge to Fae Realm,” a novella I wrote some time back that also touches on the world of the Fae.

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