Baseball, Books, and Banter!

Well, this was fun!

As baseball’s opening day draws near and, more importantly, as the official publication launch of Home Run Enchanted edges to right around the corner, Nicole Asselin had Brigid and me onto her very cool podcast Baseball, Book, and Banter. Speaking for Brigid, we had a great time talking about the project, and what it was like to write it together.

Check it out below!

In the meantime, you can pre-order the book (due out this week!)

Nicole was a fantastic host to Brigid and me, ans as you can see from our conversation was quiet easy and delightful to get to know. Anyone who loves books like she does is always going to be a fun conversation! When it comes to sports (and baseball in particular), she’s steeped in all things Boston and the author of some quite interesting baseball mysteries. You can find her at her website.

Check out our conversation here:

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