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Perhaps I should re-title my last entry.

Just for completeness sake, that entry was titled “Unlucky Number 11.” It was about a story I’m re-writing. In the entry, I recounted its essence of bloat and otherwise basically ponderous nature. In it, I also mentioned that I liked the story, and that it was all there.

This is where, it turns out, I was wrong

The tale has required major, major surgery–that shouldn’t be too surprising, I suppose. I’ve cut and pasted (mostly cut) and I’ve reworked, and I’ve thought and I’ve scribbled. I’ve worked at the corners, and selected different words. And this morning, as I was ending, I hit that gold that makes writers who they are.

In other words, I discovered exactly what this story is really about.

I was so happy. The feeling I had was like watching a man take off and fly, which I’ve done once at Cirque Du Soleil, and believe me, it was an awesome experience. When I went to take my shower, I could have danced in the tub. But I didn’t. Please note, it’s very dangerous to dance while covered in soapy water, and this page does not endorse such acts. Unless you really want to.


Today was a good day.

I’ll be out for a few days now–going to pick the daughter unit up again. But I’ve got me a laptop, and i got me a jump drive. And, of course, I know what the hell I’m trying to do now.

By the way, in the process of looking at converting my submission data into a full database, I finally got around to downloading and installing the Open Office suite. It’s nice. Beyond playing with the database, I’ve been using the word processor the past few days. In fact, this entry was originally created in it.

Who knows?

Maybe my latest breakthrough is related to the psychic grace received by moving out of the shadow of Microsoft.

Or not. [grin]

Regardless, I recommend it so far. Seamless transition, easy to use, and appears to convert well to Word format for document sharing.

Have a great day.

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